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Wilderness Medicine

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who spends any amount of time in the backcountry. It is designed well and taught professionally. The hands-on simulated experiences were crucial in applying the pressure that one may feel in a real emergency."

- Student 5-Day WFR, 2022

Wilderness First Responder

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The Wilderness First Responder Certification has quickly become the industry standard level of medical training for all outdoor industry workers who operate in remote environments. I have worked with groups of arborists, guides, educators, and law enforcement officers in the past. This training is for everyone who wants to be able to respond if the unexpected happens.

This training is a 70 hour course delivered in a variety of formats from 7-9 days all in-person to a 5-day hybrid course that requires online pre-course work. No matter the format students can expect to learn practical medical skills that will benefit them and their future patients in the real world. 

The Wilderness First Aid course is a 2-day course designed to orient you to first aid and basic life support in the wilderness and remote context. We will equip you with the Patient Assessment System that will guide you through hands-on patient care in any situation or setting. 

This course is geared towards people who want to be prepared in the event of an accident - particularly those who typically go on day trips or generally adventure closer to town.

Wilderness First Aid

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